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CMZ & horses

As with other animals and birds, Zeolite has a calming influence, readily seen by changed behaviour and reduced activity. It is recommended to be added to rations at 2-3% of the total daily ration when horses are being spelled or pregnant. It is believed that it improves the functionality of the GI tract, in particular assisting in the reduction of acid production, usually treated with omeprazole, but often requiring additional support.

CMZ and particularly ZeoChar are indicated as a component in a multicomponent strategy for the treatment of acidosis and big head (Oxalic acid) as well as laminitis. This last is an inflammatory condition affecting the feet sometimes caused by a Pediococcus bacterial strain that makes D-lactate that is not metabolised and builds up in the feet of horses.

Perhaps most importantly CMZ and ZeoChar can be fed with or contained in haylage (or silage) that contain fungal spores which, after removal from ensilment, heat up. Whilst we may not make a therapeutic claim for either or both as mycostop, the differential binding of the Zeolite and the Char annealed to it may provide some protection for horses.

CMZ may assist in wound repair as a dehydrating agent and assists in the formation of granulocyte cells over the wound. It is also a good carrier of honey, particularly those that have both eucalyptus and tea tree natural oils containing some pollen grains.

CMZ can be used as a bedding material, absorbing urine, reducing malodour in stalls and transport vehicles, thus also reducing the number of flies attracted to the area and reducing respiratory distress. 


About Horses Use

Product Grades Recommended for Horses

ZS UN 30/00

Size: Nominally <600 micron.

Weight: 1 Tonne bulk bags, PE 25 kg or 15 kg bags.

ZS UN 30/00

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ANZ 38

Size: Nominally finer than 76 micron.

Weight: 1 Tonne bulk bags, 25 kg paper bags.

ANZ 38

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