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Potting Mix

Stimulate root growth & prevent root diseases

Building a solid foundation

Granular CMZ facilitates air into potting mixes by increasing the AFP which is very important as an index of performance. CMZ as an addition to potting mixes provides physical and chemical benefits, and does not breakdown over time due to its inherit hardness (Mho’s index >5).

Heat is captured and retained in the cold due to CMZ high capacity for heat retention. 

Evaporative cooling can be affected in the heat by addition of high surface area CMZ with consistent watering. Consistent quality of the mineral deposit assures minimal batch to batch variation. Moisture retention and subsequent release to plant root hairs - means less water is required in the mix and provides more tolerance to dehydration.

Retaining cationic nutrients and increasing CEC in the mix, CMZ can be loaded with cationic nutrients, including soluble Calcium as Nitrate which means less nutrient required and reduced production costs, for plants in the following families: lettuce, onions and orchids. 

  • Hardness (Mho’s index >5) 
  • Blocky 3 dimensional shape   
  • High CEC     
  • Very hydrophilic   
  • Binds water but not sufficient to fluidise media 
  • Absorbs heat in Winter   
  • Watering in summer evaporates from media 
  • Homes microbes, especially fungi    
  • Very stable over time
  • High AFP, high volume of air voids in the root zone
  • Binds more cations and can release them to plant root hairs as needed
  • Sequesters water but not too much
  • Plants and seedlings don't fall over from fluidisation 
  • Increases growth
  • Keeps plant roots cool 
  • Improves mix fertility

CMZ Potting Mix Brochure Potting Mixes.pdf

David Maher Testimonial testimonial.pdf

FAQs on Zeolites for Potting Mixes

What is CEC and why is it important?
CEC is cation exchange capacity, the more the better.

What is the most important cation bound?
Ammonium ions.

How do plants get cationic nutrients?
The tiny root hairs exude acid hydrogen ions (H+) which exchanges with ammonium ion bound in the CMZ.

What does hydrophilic mean?
Water loving. It steals water from other compounds.

Why does it not bind more water?
It's attraction to water is greater than it's capacity to hold it. 

What is the best particle size range to use in potting mix media?
FM 3/1 or FM 4/2.

It is to do with the physical equations for capillary uptake of water and nutrients, all of which have the letter e, the natural logarithm, whose value is 2.71818...... so 3 mm

About Potting Mix Use

Product Grades Recommended for Potting Mix

FM 3/1

Size: Nominally 1 to 3 mm.

Weight: 1 Tonne bulk bags, PE 25 kg or 15 kg bags.

FM 3/1

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4/2 mm

Size: Nominally 2 to 4 mm

Weight: 1 Tonne bulk bags, PE 25 kg or 15 kg bags.

4/2 mm

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