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Recondition soil naturally 

This volcanic rock dust is derived from the overburden seam above the Zeolite ore body and is very old (300-330My). It is paramagnetic, in other words has intrinsic high energy. This increases the amounts of available nutrients in natural soil &/or in potting mixtures to improve the growth of plants. It's paramagnetism is measured at 2700 ucgs (Callaghan units), much higher and older than other deposits in NSW and QLD. 


CMZ MagnaRock™



 0-100                   ucgs poor soil

 100 – 300            ucgs good soil

 300 +                   ucgs excellent soil

Igneous rock dusts like MagnaRock™ affect remineralisation of the soil and supply trace elements that may be lacking. The finer dust products manufactured by particle size reduction mirror the normal weathering processes. These will release minerals more rapidly, benefiting the soil with their paramagnetism. They can be spread out on the soil or incorporated into compost as it is being made.

These preparations are considered to be biodynamic & enhance the ability of the soil food web to use MagnaRock™, making it an excellent choice to revitalise soil. It will recondition soil naturally, resulting in healthier plants & trees with improved yields.

MagnaRock™ is considered to be hydrated as together with the Zeolite it was deposited in a brackish water body after its formation from volcanic dust. Minerals from this source are considered to be more available than volcanic material deposited on the land.

The recommended application rate is 0.5 Kg ie 500 g/m^2 for small areas or 1-5 kg/10 m^2 for  larger areas. 

We strongly recommend that MagnaRock™ is applied with a similar amount of 2-4mm Zeolite or ZeoChar™ to soil to provide additional benefits of root aeration, heat absorption & release, & increased cation exchange capacity (CEC). The aluminosilicates contained are important chemically in the exchange of cations & physically as a source of water for plant roots as well as affecting soil structure, aggregation & functionality.

There are suggestions that silicates play significant roles in plant health & vitality, disease resistance & reduction in environmental stress. These are more difficult to prove. It is also the case that some siloxanes, compounds of silicon & oxygen do affect the physical properties of soil. These are generally hydrophobic, but do work well with hydrophilic aluminosilicates.

Paramagnetism as a concept was developed by Dr Philip S. Callaghan who integrated the benefits that volcanic rock minerals add to soils & plants. His schema was that “the healthiest soils are paramagnetic & facilitate the flow of electromagnetic forces from the atmosphere to organic plant materials” (Rich Affeldt, Acres USA, April 2016).

In soils where this paramagnetic force has been eroded away, adding ground volcanic basalt can re-establish the balance necessary for increased biological activity & the resulting plant growth (ibid).

Our MagnaRock™ products will be supplied as a <5 mm minus product. 


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