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Zeolite Plus Products

CMZ Plus Products offer a range of Zeolite composition for a range of uses. 



ZeoChar TM is a Mineral Activated Char and Zeolite Composition for application in a range of uses. 

Pyrolysis of wood in the presence of CMZ yields a Carbon Coated Zeolite. This composite material is very easily manageable and clean with little or no black small particulates. Chemical treatment post pyrolysis yields a composite material which binds anions particularly, phosphates and nitrates. Combined with CMZ it provides the opportunity to meet the EPA release requirements of TN and TP (Total Nitrogen, Ammonium & Nitrate ions & Total Phosphorus i.e. Phosphate). This material has a density of 0.6-0.7, is relatively easy to                                                                   handle and manage. It is stable in water, taking on the hardness and stability of the Zeolite. It makes a good filtration medium. In a                                                                 granular presentation it can be used in a filter to bind these nutrients and when fully bound can be used as a slow release fertiliser. 



PondSafe is a Composition of Mineral Activated ZeoChar modified post pyrolysis and Zeolite that has the ability to remove mineral nutrition from algal & Cyanobacterial blooms in waterways without the release of toxins.





 A blue green rock which is paramagnetic. Measured in Callaghan units this ore is rated at ~2700, so even a few percentage addition significantly improves soil energy . A good soil is considered to have a Callaghan value of 150-250.


Coming soon! ParaChar TM.

A MagnaRock and Biochar Composition that is perfect for Horticulture, Potting Mixes and Vegie Patches. It is pyrolysed MagnaRock from CMZ and wood at a high temperature (>600C). Surprisingly this material, which we have called ParaChar TM, not only retains its paramagnetism but it actually is increased by as much as 50% as measured by a Callaghan meter. 

                                                       Initially we will look at a 2.2 - 5 mm particle sized product most likely quenched with Zeolite of a similar size range for                                                                                     safety, reducing any possibility of spontaneous combustion, a potential problem with traditional Biochars.