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Packaging & Freight

We take pride and care in our packaging and freight procedures

Bag sizes available

  • We supply our granular zeolite in 15 kg, 25 kg bags and bulk bags
  • Powdered Zeolite (ANZ 19, ANZ 38 and ANZ 63) is supplied in paper 25 kg and bulk bags 
  • Our Zeolite can be packaged into plain bags, CMZeolites branded bags or private labelling is available

Number of bags per pallet

  • 15 kg = 64 bags per pallet = 960 kg plus pallet weight
  • 25 kg = 40 bags per pallet = 1000 kg plus pallet weight

Small bags are priced per pallet and the pallet price is included (standard pallet only)

Bulk bags

  • Bulk bags are priced per tonne
  • Dimensions 90 x 90 x 120mm and are rated up to1500 kg 

Pallet dimensions

  • Standard pallets are 1170 x 1170mm and weigh approx. 40 kg
  • Export pallets are 1150 x 1150mm and weigh 20 kg

Road Freight                                                   

  • Full semi truck loads are 24T = 22 pallet spaces
  • B-double truck loads 36T = 34 pallet spaces* can vary with carrier
  • We can provide freight quotes in most cases, but we are happy for all our customers to manage / organize own freight 

Please contact us for any enquiries