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More growth with less feed

Healthier happier pigs 

Natural and affective with Australian Organics registration.

CMZ helps to provide better Nitrogen use efficiency (Nitrogen in - Nitrogen out = Nitrogen for growth). Zeolite may control some fungal toxins particularly in piglets. At the end of the day this should provide greater return on investment. 

CMZ may reduce the severity of scours from bacterial infections of the GI tract especially in piglets. CMZ reduce the instances and severity of diarrhoea and intestinal disturbances in pigs. Faeces are drier and more compact, making them easier to manage.

We recommend the following amounts of CMZ ANZ 38 to be incorporated into feed:

                                                       Sows                            Boars

  • Piglets                                    5%                               5%
  • Growing older                         4%                               4%
  • Fully grown sows                    3%                               3% 
  • Pregnant                                 4%                               NA
  • Lactating                                5%                               NA


  • Registered organic 
  • Better Nitrogen balance 
  • Some mycotoxin binding                                                              
  • May assist in diarrhoea control 
  • Reduced ammonia in shed
  • Faecal mass reduced
  • Increased value to grower and purchaser
  • More growth with less feed
  • May limit metabolic stress
  • Less sick pigs, animals healthier and happier
  • Less respiratory distress
  • Less malodour and more manageable faeces


About Pigs Use

Product Grades Recommended for Pigs

ANZ 38

Size: Nominally finer than 76 micron.

Weight: 1 Tonne bulk bags, 25 kg paper bags.

ANZ 38

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