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ZS UN 30/00

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ZS UN 30/00

SDS Zeolite Sand Date Sheet

Product Form: Pink/brown sand.
Product Size: Nominally <500 micron.
Product Particle Shape: Cubic to blocky.
Stability: Excellent.
ROM Ore: Coarse grained, altered vitric, ash-fall tuff.
Geological Age: Carboniferous (> 300 million years old).
Main Zeolite Minerals: Clinoptilolite and Mordenite.
Crystallinity: >99%
Solubility in Water: Virtually Nil.
pH Change of Slurry: Virtually Nil.
pH in 10% w/v: 7.7
Bulk Density of Product: Around 1.2 kg/m3.
Ammonia Exchange Capacity: Up to 150 meq/100g
Standard Pack: 1 Tonne bulker bags.
Alternate Pack: Palleted PE 25kg bags

Nominally <600 micron.

1 Tonne bulk bags, PE 25 kg or 15 kg bags.


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