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ZeoChar™ the beginning

Biochar is the product manufactured by burning wood in a pyrolyser ie. in the absence of oxygen. This product retains the energy of the wood which can be utilised in soil where it's major affects are increasing microbial activity by homing soil microorganisms and improving soil function by making nutrients more available to plants. There are many other applications where Biochar provides benefits not just in horticulture. 

The manufacture of Biochar can be a process that is very messy, with fine black dust getting everywhere. Further the product has low density so is expensive to freight with a density of 0.25-0.3.

CMZeolites has been added to the mixing chamber before pyrolysis as a heat carriage material reducing the need for initial energy input prior to pyrolysis. It may then be reused time after time.

Surprisingly it has been found that at higher temperatures (>600C) the carbon coats our Zeolite very well and doesn't wash off in water. In fact, there is little dust produced when using our granular Zeolite. If one's hands are in contact with the ZeoChar™, the product just brushes off leaving clean hands, unlike Biochar, where hands are left black. 

ZeoChar™ products have a density of 0.6-0.8, depending on the percentage of carbon and Zeolite and the particle size range of the Zeolite used. 

With a chemical treatment we can add a function that binds anions. This adds to Zeolite already binding of cations particularly ammonium ion which can be exchanged with hydrogen ions extruded by plant root hairs readily and heavy ions effectively bound forever.

There are many more applications to come and we are protecting them by our Trade Mark and a patent pending, having already been favourably examined.