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Pyrolysis of wood in the presence of CMZ yields a carbon coated zeolite. This composite material is very easily manageable and clean with little or no black small particulates. Chemical activation yields a composite material which binds anions especially, phosphates and nitrates. Combined with CMZ it provides the opportunity to meet the EPA release requirements of TN and TP (Total Nitrogen, Ammonium & Nitrate ions & Total Phosphorus i.e. Phosphate). 

There are applications which provide significant benefit at this time: 

* Lick blocks to prevent and treat the loss of health and potentially death of animals eating poisonous plants;

  • *“PondSafe” is a Zeochar product that has the ability to remove algal & Cyanobacterial blooms in waterways without the release of toxin;
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas methane generated by ruminant animals
  • Increasing Carbon in soils with reduction in nutrient requirement per growing season

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