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Freshness comes in the form of Zeolites for your home.

Odour and liquid control

Domestic uses relate primarily to the odour and liquid adsorbing characteristics of zeolite. A range of gases including formaldehyde, hydrogen sulphide have been shown to be adsorbed by zeolites. 



Zeolite is routinely added to small air filters to adsorb such gases and reduce allergy problems. It can be used to dry sports shoes, reduce moisture in wardrobes and is commonly used to adsorb cigarette odours. Zeolites can also be used as a base in carpet cleaners. 

The most common use for zeolite around the home is as kitty litter and as a fat absorber for barbecues. It is also used in fish tanks to adsorb ammonia and decrease odours. The spent zeolite product makes an ideal addition to composts and home gardens assisting in conditioning and contributes to soil moisture and nutrient holding capacity.

About Domestic Use

‘We have been dealing with Castle Mountain Zeolite ( CMZ ) for more than 20 years, we have grown our business with them over this time 10-fold. CMZ have a professional and friendly approach to doing business, working collaboratively with us to ensure our supply lines are robust and efficient. The technical support offered by Gordon Heath and his team at CMZ has added value to our processes. I would highly recommend CMZ as a business partner.’

Murray Olsson - Olsson Industries

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