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CMZeolites, Cement & Concrete

Zeolite may be used in the manufacture of cement. This is referred to as pozzolan. A pozzolan is a siliceous material that possesses little cementitious value by itself. However, if it is finely divided in the presence of moisture, it will react with calcium hydroxide to form calcium silicate hydrate and other cementitious compounds. It can be used as a substitute for cement in concrete mixes.

Another big advantage is that you can reduce the amount of lime required by around 50% without any loss of strength and hardness. Importantly, this reduction of lime also reduces the production and release of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas generated by heating calcium carbonate to the equation CaCO3->CaO + CO2.

Pozzolans are well known in Europe, even though the Zeolites used are very soft and clay like. CMZeolites may be used as a replacement for Portland cement in concrete. In some cases, CMZeolites can add to the concrete's final strength and increase its chemical resistance and durability. In addition CMZeolites can significantly improve the workability of concrete.