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CMZ & Heat

Did you know that CMZ captures, stores and can be directed to release heat? Why is this important?

Biological and chemical processes double their rate of growth or rate of reaction respectively with a 10C increase in temperatrure. CMZ added to potting mixes or spread on the surface of the soil around small plants or young trees will make them grow bigger and faster. 

CMZ also can be used in building products where they require less kilning or, in some cases, no kilning at all, provided they are left in the sun. 

CMZ may also find application in products made of polyurethane included but not limited to the soles of shoes, boots or insoles contained therin. We believe this will provide a longer effective use life when used for fire fighting, in the production of hot metal goods, or reducing the risk in the generation of fire. 

CMZ is useful where a fast reduction in temperature is required in a range of industrial situations. This is particularly important in the manufacture of ZeoChars™ where quenching is left to Zeolite, reducing heat of material exiting the pyrolyser. It is interesting that in the generation of electricity from biomass CMZ acts as a preheater so as to raise the biomass material to over 300C, before it enters the pyrolyser.