The first of our microbial products is ZeoVAM = vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizae fungi plus our unique zeolite

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Plants have normally had VAM available to use for over 400 million years.

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Scientifically designed trial results have repeatedly shown the benefit at added VAM to soil media.

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ZeoVAM Lawn Treatment

Visual result of adding ZeoVAM to a lawn

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ZeoVAM Treated Plants

ZeoVAM creates stronger more even plants

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VAM (Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhizal) fungi, are essential plant friendly soil microorganisms that for 400 million years have formed symbiotic relations with over 90% of plant species improving their growth and productivity. VAM is lost from agricultural soils due to modern farming practices including long fallows, cultivation, some pesticides and non VAM hosting crops of the brassica family.

In the presence of VAM, plants will display better health, evenness of colour, higher tiller density and more drought tolerance. Plants in a VAM colonized soil will have their roots linked together in a neural-like network like web of fungal hyphae.  This allows plants to share resourses such as nutrients and water. The surface area of plant roots are effectively increased by up to 200 times. The VAM hyphae are 1/6th the diameter of the finest root hairs accessing nutrients and water not normally available to plants. One highlight is VAM’s fungal enzymes and acids can make available to the plant clay bonded phosphorus and zinc chemically unavailable from past fertilizer applications.

ZeoVAM is unique dry granules of cultured spore inoculum of VAM that can be mixed with seed or fertilizer at sowing or can be blended into soil and soil media. It is like no other product having spores that are more robust than mycelium or hyphae. ZeoVAM presents for the first time a chance to simply reintroduce VAM into soils. Commercial crop yields, amenity areas and plant health have shown and are showing significant benefits.
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