How Is It Formed

Most natural zeolite deposits around the world were formed approximately 3 million to 30 million years ago, the Castle Mountain Zeolites deposit is much older at approximately 300,000 million years and is thought to be one of the oldest commercialised natural zeolite deposits in the world. Unlike most other natural zeolites it is hard, very stable and contains no soluble salts. Zeolite is formed when particularly violent volcanoes erupted enormous amounts of ash containing aluminosilicates of alkaline and alkaline earth. Some of the wind borne ash settled to form thick ash beds.

Most of the time ash falls into the ocean it just becomes sediment or onto land and it just becomes soil. In some other cases the ash may fall into lakes. These lakes cannot be seawater or fresh water but must be a semi-saline lake. If the chemistry of the lake is in the right range the chemical reaction of volcanic ash and in few salts in the water will result in the formation of a natural zeolite. The material is said to be zeolitised.

Characteristics of each zeolite deposit will vary due to the circumstances of its formation. Natural differences such as temperature, geographic location and the ratio and concentration of the various salts determine which particular zeolite minerals are formed.

These differences during the formation of a zeolite deposit are the reason that each natural zeolite deposit has unique properties. Our zeolite is crystalline meaning it is quite hard compared to most natural zeolite deposits. Once we process it to a particular particle size it will hold its size under typical handling and from a wetting or drying process.
As our deposit is so very old, over time water has had the opportunity to percolate through the original ash beds. This has leached out most of the original cations that formed our natural zeolite. Our product is largely not preloaded with any cations so it is ready for most uses without any further treatment.

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