Castle Mountain's Natural Zeolite is an amazing, safe natural occurring mineral.  Due to its extraordinary ability to adsorb, absorb, hold, exchange and release different cations including some nutrients, toxins, heavy metals and ions according to need. Our ore is processed and sized according to the end use e.g animal feeds, mining rehabilitation, water filtration, composting and turf & amenity.

Our natural zeolite is used in agriculture, horticulture, animal husbandry, aquaculture, contaminated site remediation, filtration media, liquid effluent treatment, mining industry, sewage sludge and microbial propagation.

This zeolite is crystalline, holding its shape and form when handled and when wet. Our processed natural zeolite is virtually free of water and has a high cation exchange capacity compared to those of the world’s deposits. We simply call it the finest zeolites.

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