Areas of Use

Animal Feeds
Incorporation and benefit derived there from:
-    increases weight gain in poultry, pigs, cattle, sheep and other livestock;
-    may improve health of pets;
-    reduces the odour from their faeces and urine;
-    diminishes ammonia toxicity and scouring;
-    increases nitrogen and sulphur levels in manures for higher fertiliser values;
-    reduces odour levels in sheds and pens; and,
-    will safen the use of urea in ruminant diets.

Water Filtration
Castle Mountain Zeolites offer the opportunity to both physically and chemically treat water simultaneously, thus greatly improving water quality. Our zeolite is very effective (high binding capacity and high affinity) in binding and removal of ammonia and like molecules, other volatile malodours and also soluble metal ions including those of pollutant heavy metals (Mercury, Cadmium and Lead). Examples of use are in swimming pool, potable water, cleaning contaminated water and in effluent treatment. 

Mining Rehabilitation
Will assist in creating a living soil increasing the speed of site rehabilitation as most topsoils when stockpiled become biologically dead before reuse; will assist in stabilising pH for plant peaks in topic salts from earth moving; offers a safe habitat for plant friendly soil microorganisms from inoculums or decolonization; remediation of mines through absorption and retention of dangerous heavy metals and other metallurgical wastes.

Higher yields through making fertilisers more effective by retaining nutrients longer such as ammonium nitrate, potassium, magnesium and calcium as well as trace elements for slow release as needed to lower fertiliser costs; substantial yield improvements; less nutrient leeching; long term soil improvement; aids in water holding capacity and encourages non-pathogenic soil microbial growth; leads to long term soil improvements and aids in obtaining a “living soil”.

Decreases ammonia levels in ponds and tanks; filtrates water for cleaner tanks. Our zeolite aids in the removal of particulate material when used as filter medium, control and maintenance of very low levels of nitrogen from excretion from the growing animal (fish, crustaceans, mollusks etc,) and control and maintenance of cations in water.  Reduces algal growth.

Turf & Amenity
Will permanently increase the soil’s cation excahange capacity and water holding capacity. Will absorb and slowly rerelease fertilisers giving retention of key nutrients. Will buffer salt spray in coastal locations. Generally will significantly improve turf root development leading to less water and fertiliser use.

Worm Farming
Also known as vermiculture our zeolite works by trapping  digested protein/nitrogen through cation-exchange; assists in maintaining a stable the pH value of the worm beds; absorbs and holds heavy metals; increases the nutrient value of wormcasts plus reduces odours within the worm farm.

Pollution Control
Reduces ammonia and BOD levels in ion exchange columns or bed effluent, can be back flushed and regenerated, increases nitrogen/ammonia recovered for fertiliser; increases sewerage plant capacity. Increases biological activity, reduces nutrient levels, cuts sludge volume and odours.

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