Lick Blocks

Castle Mountain Zeolite is suitable for inclusion in lick blocks and dry loose licks to improve safety of urea inclusion in the formulation.

Red Roc Booster Powder Red Roc Booster Powder (150 KB)

Diet Inclusion

Also it is suitable for inclusion in animal feeds particularly those ≥ SP15% Nitrogen.

Click the PDF file below for the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) use Permit 1461

APVMA – Registration APVMA – Registration (218 KB)


Castle Mountain Zeolite may be used as a bedding material: it can be used alone or blended to improve the binding of urine and faeces and control of malodours with other bedding material including straw, wood shavings or shredded paper.
Click the PDF below for a Technical Note

L 02 Animal Litter – General L 02 Animal Litter – General (129 KB)

 Greenhouse Gases

Click the PDF below for a Technical Note:

Animal Husbandry, Greenhouse Gases Animal Husbandry, Greenhouse Gases (213 KB)

Greenhouse Gases

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