Castle Mountain's Natural Zeolites


- High CEC (Cation Exchange Capacity)
- Very high crystallinity deposit/very little non crystalline material present (<1%)
- High content of both clinoptilolite & mordenite
- Very hard (rock) deposit (mho’s index =  ~ 5.5)
- Uniform reddish pink colour
- Very high affinity for & binding of water
- Slow release of water
- Forms sol (single phase) with water when finely ground (median 19 micron) showing its close affinity with water
- Consistent density (about 0.75g/mL for ANZ 38 powder)
- Safe naturally occurring mineral deposit


- High ammonia (& ammoniacals – ammonia like molecules) binding capacity
- High binding capacity for cations (metal ions)
- High binding capacity for low molecular weight gases including H2S, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxides etc
- Lighter than sand requiring less back washing pressure saving power and water
- Good processed shape for filtration media giving better filtration properties
- No activation/pre process required

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