Zeolite compared to Biochar

In Issue #112 John Hodgkinson provided some preliminary and general information on Zeolite and Biochar.
The table below expands this across a range of features and benefits of both products. Also I should
acknowledge the provision of information by Professor Stephen Joseph to me over the last few months...

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What is Zeolite

“Zeolite” is the name of a Group of safe, naturally occurring, environmentally friendly minerals that are aluminiosilicates with similar composition and characteristics. There are some 46 different minerals in the Group and only 4 of them have the absorption characteristics that render them of commercial value...

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Nitrogen use efficiency in meat producing animals

Most people associate the mineral zeolite with water filtration where its micro-porous structure, intrinsic hardness and crystallinity give it defined advantages over sand and other filtration media...

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